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Hitek Industry Co., Ltd Hitek Industry Co., Ltd

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Address:Suite 421, B5 , ACE Park, NO. 2588 Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215104, China
Zip/Post Code:215104
Contact Person:Mr. Max Qing
Job Title:General Manager
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About Us

Hitek Industry Co., Ltd is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in HVACR, Sanitary Wares, Brass Wares, Pipes and Pipe Fittings fields. Based in Hongkong, Hitek Industry Co., Ltd invested five companies in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Henan to produce and supply various Sanitary Wares, Pipes and Pipe Fittings during past 18 years. Our mission is "One-stop Supply, Satisfying Customers".
Hitek Industry & Trading Co., Ltd is global company committed to experienced global staffs, world class quality, fast on time delivery, advanced modern production line, excellent service and competitive price.
Hitek Industry Co., Ltd's management team includes experienced engineers, researchers and workers who understand well the needs of the mechanical systems and marketing of the pipes and pipe fittings fields. We always devote ourselves to the development of new products and offer top service to our customers and to create new value.
Hitek Industry & Trading Co., Ltd offers the following quality products:
  • General HVACR Products                                                            
  • Refrigeration Components and Air Conditioner Spare Parts
  • Sanitary Wares and Brass Wares
  • Copper Tube and Copper Fittings
  • Brass Tube and Brass Fitting
  • Insulation Pipe, Foam and Insulation Sheet
  • Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Sheet and Plate
  • Brass Sheet and Brass Rod
  • PPR Pipes and PPR Pipe Fittings
  • PEX-AL-PEX Pipe and Fittings.
  • Lights and Lightings

The products we supplied are under ISO 9000, ISO 14000 management systems and with CE, UL, CCC, TUV, UPC, NSF, WHI, Kite Mark approval.
In order to have sufficient variation for our customer, we set up our mainland office in Suzhou(half hour from Shanghai by train) to collect and organize all goods we produced.
Our commitment is to deliver superior quality products and excellent service. At Hitek Industry & Trading Co., Ltd, we hope we can work closely with you and do our best to offer you,build and nourish longterm business relationship.
General HVACR Products / 一般HVACR製品
Refrigeration Components and Air Conditioner Spare Parts / 冷凍裝置の構成部品とエアコンスペアパーツ
Sanitary Wares and Brass Wares / 衛生陶器と真鍮製品
Copper Tube and Copper Fittings / 銅管と銅管継手
Brass Tube and Brass Fitting / 真鍮管と真鍮管継手
Insulation Pipe, Foam and Insulation Sheet / 絶縁パイプ、フォームと絶縁シート
Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Sheet and Plate / アルミチューブ、アルミシートとプレート
Brass Sheet and Brass Rod / 真鍮シートと黃銅棒
PPR Pipes and PPR Pipe Fittings / ポリプロピレン(PPR)パイプとPPRパイプ継手
PEX-AL-PEX Pipe and Fittings / PEX-AL-PEXパイプと継手
Lights and Lightings / ライトと照明器具
當社が供給する製品は、ISO 9000とISO 14000マネジメントシステムに準拠し、CE、UL、CCC、TUV、UPC、NSF、WHI、Kiteマークの認証も取得しております。そして、お客様によりいいサービスを提供するため、蘇州(電車で上海から30分)に拠點を設置し、當社が製造したすべての製品を常時に展示、管理しております。
Hitek Industry Iran Co.
Contact Person: Mahmoud Mazloum
Hitek Industry Japan Branch

Contact Person: 
M.R. Ryuu Hin
Miss Yoh Choi
Business Type:   Export,Import,Manufacture,Wholesale,OEM/ODM 
Main Category:   Manufacture,Trade,Service,Agent,Sourcing Office  
Main Products:   RHVAC Products,Refrigeration Spare Parts,Air Conditioner Parts,Sanitary Wares and Brass Wares,Copper Tube and Copper Fittings,PPR Pipe and PPR Pipe Fitting  

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